Category 1

Condominium/Housing Estate Management

1.1 Property and Building Management

1.1.1 Supervising all property and system to support living quality Service of all system and facilities Inspect system and all facilities Power control Energy saving

1.1.2 Maintenance Maintenance and Engineering System Management System maintenance to prevent damage

  • Survey all properties and services
  • Preventive maintenance plans
  • Adapt using system and working plan
  • Follow up on performance and maintenance as per schedule
  • Demonstrate for improvement Repairment as system out of order

  • Survey, inspect the damages
  • Analyze damages
  • Present resolution
  • Control, evaluate repairing result Physical development Physical improvement for ready to function Physical improvement for value adding

1.2 Accounting and Financial Management

1.2.1 Account Management Set account and financial system.

  • Set account and finance scope.
  • Set standard working process.
  • Adapt using of account and financial fundamental. Prepare standard financial statements.

  • Monthly and annually income-expense statement.
  • Annually balance sheet. Publicize financial statement.

  • Present financial statement to the committee board for consideration.
  • Announce financial statement as per law. Audit

  • Present for auditor’s appointment
    in annual general meeting.
  • Deliver financial statement and
    assembly details to audit by appointed auditor.
  • Present certification on financial statement for consideration in big meeting.

1.2.2 Financial Management Financial planning

  • Examine previous financial information.
  • Set appropriate budget.
  • Presenting budget and apply.
  • Make budgeting comparison. Revenue management.

  • Collecting information to form debtor data base of all service invoice.
  • Issue all invoice and service fee.
  • Rush collective of overdue debts according to payment cycle.
  • Summarize debtor status and collecting condition. Expense control.

  • Considerate, set guidelines on purchasing, hiring and expenses.
  • Inspect and control expenditure.
  • Make capital budget comparison for a concise cost.
  • Adjust expenses in case of over cost estimation.

1.3 Office and Public Service Management

1.3.1 Office management.

  • Human resource management i.e. recruiting, training and supervising.
  • Filing system and all record of juristic person.
  • Manage public service according to policy and guidelines.

1.3.2 Service contract parties in common area rental management

  • Contract parties planning
  • Direct, control and supervise
  • Evaluate and suggest guidelines for improvement

Example; Service contract parties that relate to administration such as;

  • Security service.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Building insurance service.
  • Gardening service.
  • Pest control service.
  • Maintenance and repairing all system service.

Example; Communal property rental contract parties related
to administration such as;

  • Space rental for installing high speed internet system
  • Space rental for wireless internet system.
  • Space rental for washing machine, clothes dryers and water vending machine.
  • Space rental for sign board.
  • Space rental for installing of automatic water dispensing machine.

1.4 Supervising and relationship bonding between community management

1.4.1 Publicity
1.4.2 All joint meeting for information and comprehension.
1.4.3 Rules and regulations control.
1.4.4 Organized events and celebrations (as policy).
1.4.5 Arrange activities for safety concerned.