Category 2

All Kind Of Community Registration

2.1 Condominium juristic person registration.

2.1.1 Condominium registration

  • Plan, inspect and prepare necessities of condominium registration.
  • Submit request for condo registration.
  • Prepare and measure the apartment.
  • Coordinate with concerned government.
  • Lead to inspect property with committee.
  • Follow up and inspect registration document.
  • Receive and deliver certification of condominium registration and certification of condominium right.

2.1.2 Condominium juristic Person registration.

  • Prepare ownership ratio.
  • Prepare condominium juristic person regulations.
  • Draft rules and regulations.
  • Set funds and common fee rate.
  • Submit request of condominium juristic person registration.
  • Receive and deliver certification of condominium juristic person registration and modification of registered transaction as well as condominium juristic person regulations.

2.2 Housing estate juristic person registration

2.2.1 Set up conference for housing estate juristic person entitlement.

2.2.2 Filing registration of housing estate juristic person.