Service Range


With pride in our duties and responsibilities on numerous works of asset and community administration service, includes condominium/office building/service apartment/clubhouse and housing estate. Presently, we are ready to delivering asset and community administration service with quality under the name of “STS MANAGEMENT GROUP Co.,LTD” .

As professional executives in this particular field of work, we presenting a complete service  where we gather guidelines together with the most appropriate methods for your differences of asset and community. Let us demonstrate the range of our service by break into 4 categories;

Category 1

Condominium/Housing Estate Management

Category 2

All Kind Of Community Registration

Category 3

Arrange condominium / housing estate conference

Category 4

Conduct a Case and Prosecution
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Briefly Range of Management Service

Company is pleased to present our management service for condominium, office building, clubhouse and housing estate for employer’s utmost benefit. Details as follows.

1. Administration Counselling and Legal Work

1.1 Giving advice in administration or obstructions in work for the harmonize with condominium/housing estate Act and other legal related.

1.2 Inspecting, giving advice, and laying specific rules and/or re-arrange it including, giving advice in all legal contracts by a team with more than 10 years of experience.

1.3 Supporting juristic person work for a smooth administration work with legally, transparency and clarity to support a peaceful living.

1.4 Prosecution to defend interests as well as defense in case of litigation.

2. Accounting – Financial work

2.1 Lay outing account and financial system of condominium/housing estate juristic person to meet its standard, efficiency, and to follow Spirit of law exactly.

2.2 Coordinate with Bank regarding money depositing and disbursement.

2.3 Prepare the disbursement, check for correctness for authorized signatory.

2.4 Report financial status monthly and annually for regular acknowledgment

2.5 Following up, accelerating all payments collection. Correctly issued of invoice.

2.6 Issue collection letters for overdue debt payment together with informing surcharge rate in case of overdue payment.

2.7 Make invoice and issuing for collecting of common fee and other service fee as well as preparing account, financial statement, expenditure, balance sheet, also controlling expense according to the budget frame. All activities will be reported to the condominium juristic person committee, or co-owner member at the conference.

2.8 Daily revenue will be deposit to condominium juristic person bank account every day, in the same day and/or day right after except Saturday and Sunday and Holiday. And building manager is responsible for depositing money the next day.

3. Accounting & Financial Program

3.1 The company brought an accounting program to use in administration. In the present-day, this program is credit for its liability as well as up-to-date and high efficiency. The program is able to issue an invoice and receipt instantly.

3.2 Ability to check payment amount, summarized overdue payment at all time as well as create a complete account report.


4. Publicity and Activities

4.1 Inform news to co-owner.

4.2 Inform monthly performance result.

4.3 Publicize other matters that concerned with co-owner benefit.

4.4 Hold events and activities in different occasion to raise income for condominium.


5. Registered Documentation work

5.1 Arrange document orderly

5.2 Search or withdraw by tools stock system to control staff’s withdrawal efficiently and concisely.

6. Human resource

6.1 Recruiting and selecting staff in all position and trained them for better comprehension in work before send out to work on-site.

6.2 Set detail concerning each and every employee’s responsibility/duty, clearly and concisely until ready to perform efficiently.

6.3 Training and seminar continuously to increase performance skill which will bring out the best ability and higher their responsibility capacity.

6.4 Set accomplishment indicators along with gather information. And evaluating employee’s performance. Also giving suggestion with improvement.

6.5 Make codes for employee.

6.6 Manage staff’s welfare according to the juristic person or company policy.


7. Engineering and Maintenance

Control, care, inspect and repair electric system, water supply, sanitary and air conditioning system to be functional at all time.

7.2 Control, care, inspect work of hired system maintenance contractor i.e. elevator system, to be safe and ready to function with the highest efficiency.

7.3 Control, care, inspect CCTV system, television system,
and antenna as well as internal telephone system to be ready to function at all time.

7.4 Supervising pumping and swimming pool system together
with evaluating the standard of water value.

7.5 Supervising access control to keep it functional at all time as well as control card distributing system for residents as per sales contract.

7.6 .In charge and control contractor’s work of internal
renovation to always follow regulations strictly.

7.7 Inspect and adjust a building structure condition, keep its beauty and value no matter of lifetime.

7.8 Create preventive maintenance plan and checkup table for instruments that installed inside the building, in addition, timely checkup as per schedule.

7.9 Make a work step in each part. As well as making all machine history for a convenient of basic repairment work and maintenance work to maintain its ability and prolong its working life.

7.10 Make a plan and working handbook for the case of emergency i.e. power outage, floods, fire, and earthquake.

7.11 Make energy saving-guidelines to reduce condominium juristic person cost.

7.12 Giving advice or suggestion as well as operating that could be beneficial to building engineering system as per necessity.

7.13 Company will deliver engineering team to inspect and maintain utility system along with making a report to inform the juristic person committee or company in a timely manner.

7.14 In emergency, company will provide experienced mechanic from our own company or similar/nearby company to deliver help, care, and service immediately.


8. Safety & Traffic

8.1 Set standards and rules as well as follow up on the performance of security guard at juristic person office. Be always tidy and save for residents’ life and asset.

8.2 Arrange 24 hours security.

8.3 Coordinating claim to compensate caused by security guard’s misconduct.

9. Cleaning

9.1 Keep the club and swimming pool area clean and tidy at all time.

9.2 Keep all instruments in the club in good condition ready to use at all time.

10. Gardening and landscape attendance

10.1 Decorate and take care of the area to maintain its beauty.

10.2 Provide professional Gardener to supervise and advise.

11. Club and swimming pool attendance

11.1 Maintain cleanliness in the club area and swimming pool area for cleanliness
and tidiness at all time.

11.2 Maintain all equipment within the club to be always ready to use.

11.3 Delivering service to a club’s member in using a club and other facilities.

12. Insurance

12.1 Be a coordinator to claim all asset insurance.

12.2 Following up / claim compensation in case of damage to the insured asset according to the insurance policy.


13. Inspection and Control Service

13.1 Inspect, evaluate and control performance of staff at all time
from center chief.

13.2 Inspect and control operation of all service parties.

13.3 In case abnormality found, company will be sending a team
to immediately investigate. Company will be held any responsibility
in all damages that proven to be occurred by corruption or error
from the employee.

14. Meeting arrangement

14.1 Arrange committee meeting.

14.2 Arrange annual general meeting.

14.3 Arrange extraordinary meeting. Emphasize on the existence 

with good relationship.

15. Work Assignment

As company is confirmed to administrate at employer’s organization, company will assign working team for assignment. Team consist of operations, accounting- finance and engineering to check all documents and related work along with making a report, assignment results and inform to juristic person committee or company within 30 days.